Do you suffer from dry or sensitive skin?

Do you want to avoid harsh chemicals in your skincare products?

Would you like to use natural plant-based products as an alternative skincare regime?



About SheaClass

SheaClass started off making products on a small scale for personal use and to solve family and friends' dry skin problems. Today, SheaClass produces a range of natural hair and body products from natural butter and oils fragranced with skin-enriching pure essential oils. Our products are family-friendly, free of chemicals, paraben and sulphates. The ingredients are all naturally and ethically sourced, not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly. The products are prepared in small batches to keep their freshness and potency. Through our sourcing of ingredients from Africa, we support female empowerment and community economic development.

For environmental sustainability, SheaClass products come in basic reusable packaging. We are committed to maintaining high quality across all of our product range to keep maintaining and expanding our customer base.  


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