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Lanre, London

Wow, thank you so much ma for your products. I've seen a lot of improvements in my daughter's hair

Gel M G, Enfield

I'm very impressed with the cream I received. Most creams have an unpleasant smell, but SheaClass has a beautiful minty smell and makes you feel so fresh and smooth. I have quite dry skin and since using this cream I've got smooth healthy skin..very impressed. 
Lovely lovely lady as well

Tina, London

Thank you so much for your amazing products. I have been using SheaClass creams on my face and on my feet for few months now and I am very pleased with the results. For years my feet were so dry and the skin was peeling off. Whatever I tried was not working. I even had prescribed cream from my GP but no change was noticed until I tried your products. Thank you so much and keep doing great products 

Nancy, California

Dear Molly,
I’m not on Instagram. So I wanted to let you know I love your products. The cream and body scrubs are amazing. Looking forward to all the Lord has in store for SheaClass! 
God bless

Instagram feedback

Just used the cream, my skin is so soft 😍

"Liommunemoking" (Instagram)

Thank you SheaClass  for always taking care of my skin!

JM, London



Ray, Ealing

Thank you SheaClass, for a great product. It has really helped my skin and psoriasis

Sean, South Africa

This product has made a huge chunk of difference on my face and body. It is natural and has been really good on my skin

Sandra, Edgbaston

I just wanted to let you know how good your Shea body butter was. For moisturising and hydration, it is the best I have used and for a small tub, it lasts a long time. Very good value for money.
Do you make any other fragrances other than the mint I could try?

Joy, Surrey

Very inspiring. Thank you. Oh, I forgot. I am loving the cream and my husband has been fenced from using it. I only let him use the hair cream. 
It blends well with my skin and I believe as time goes on I will see more benefits. Keep up the work.

Sarah, London

My mother recently shared with me one of your SheaClass creams which I thought was sensational. The smell was wonderful and the texture of the cream was pleasant and surprised me that it moisturised so well. I’d love to see a full list of available products. If you optimised this site to include the range and also information about the benefits of the ingredients you would see an uplift in online enquiries.... If you could share a list of products with me, I would definitely be interested in buying more! 🙂

Josephine, Enfield

If you have sensitive skin or looking for a nice healthy glow to your skin, I highly recommend this product. I suffer from dry skin and eczema. I used to have to buy different creams costing a lot of money for them and if I stopped applying it, eczema would come back. I got tired of the medicinal ointments and creams so I started researching. I found out that sometimes skin problems are due to the gut and sometimes to the products that we use. I decided to change to natural soaps and creams. It sounds expensive and complicated? Not at all!.....

Josephine, Enfield

......I highly recommend SheaClass Forest Body Butter and SheaClass scrub. Both are natural and great for the skin. I love the smell of the body butter as it's lavender and spearmint. I save so much money using this product. Knowing I am now looking after my skin better now, makes me more confident, I simply love the glow when I have finished using these fantastic products. All the best with your success and I look forward to more of your amazing products.

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